Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Follow up and the best picture ever taken

Jaxon's appointments went well today. The GI specialist is amazed at how well he is doing. We are supposed to just continue with what we're doing. I'm hoping to hear from the holistic medical facility soon to see their suggestions.
We are looking to get Jaxon's GJ-tube switched to a button. There is a request into radiology, so hopefully that will happen soon. Apparently it may "leak" on Jaxon, but we'll give it a try anyway. Right now there is a bit of granulation tissue around his stoma site, but also some dark pink/red tissue that is always wet. The tube-specialist took a look at it and I think it's called metaplasia - where it's actual stomach/bowel tissue coming out. Um...ewww. There's nothing I can do except watch it. If it gets worse, they'll discuss surgery to fix it. So let's hope it doesn't get worse. I'll snap a photo of it for a future post.
Jaxon was also formally diagnosed with "constipation", which is very common for his disease. His stool (when it happens) is almost black with a weird/gross smell. The doctor said it's fermented bacteria, so we need to get it out. So Jax will be on Miralax everyday for the next month. Easy enough, and a simple fix compared other things in his life! So we'll be giving that a try. 
Acupuncture went well, and we'll be continuing with that before the next GI followup at the end of August. Please keep your fingers crossed that Jaxon remains on this upward slope and continues to be happy and crazy at home bullying his brother!

Brady being silly
Jaxon chillin' with Yanni
The best picture ever captured in all of time. 
Jaxon stole Brady's pacifier and taunted him until he was in an absolute meltdown.


Brook said...

HA! What a cute bunch of stinkers! :)

Lani said...

Love the last photo!

Heather said...

Glad to hear things are going well for Jax. I hope the med helps with his constipation.

Oh - that really is the most adorable picture ever!

Merks said...

I am AMAZED at how calm your cat is around the boys. Was the cat always calm like that? Mine tolerates my daughter, but won't willingly let her touch her.

Melissa said...

My daughter has a G-tube (Button) She has had it leak before, usually when she is sleeping on her belly,The problem was we would have the pump going all night and sometimes her whole onsie would be soaked with stomach fluids....yuck. This doesn't happen anymore as we no longer pump but the button is still in. The buttons are nice..being low profile. Good luck with your button!!

tbonegrl said...

Awesome pic! Made me smile!!!

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