Sunday, August 2, 2009

Weekend update

The boys enjoyed their weekend. Nana Jayne came and gave haircuts with Great Grandma Carol in tow to play with the boys! 
Brady is starting to try and pull up on things. The best attempts are still at the bathtub to look over when Jax is in it. He got up to his knees on the coffee table but I couldn't grab the camera in time to snap a photo! Remember Brady refuses to crawl on his knees (army crawls/swims everywhere), so for him to get up to his knees and arms pulling up is a big step for him. I'm going to work as hard as possible with him on this through the week, as well as showing Jax how to get out of a sitting position down to his knees. More to come on all that I'm sure!

The boys loved being at Auntie Rachel's pool today. As usual, they sat in it until we HAD to take them out because it was nap time aaaaaand their skin was super wrinkly! We learned quickly that Brady will go face first in the water at every chance, so Rachel put a baby life jacket on him that didn't allow him to lean forward...I have some great pictures that follow for that.
In medical news (because there always is some, right?!) we're SO glad we started Jax up on the next round of antibiotics since his vomiting certainly has gotten worse. It's pretty violent and he's bringing up a lot of bile. I'm hoping to see him starting to turn around on the 4th day or so on the meds like last time hopefully.

Jax just lounging in the pool.

Brady cheering after every bite of his snack.

The boys loving fridge-fun.

Brady getting a ride from Daddy.

Brady with his happy face after having to have the life vest on!
(He kept trying to go head first out of this floaty)


Pam said...

sweet! i wish my boys liked the pool like yours do. then maybe the hot summers would be a little more bearable. :) hope jax feels better soon!

Anonymous said...

Really Sweet for this !!!

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