Sunday, September 27, 2009

Wild little men!

We had a nice weekend with the boys. Jason was stuck in Minnesota Friday night while on a business trip because his flight was canceled due to rain. So he wasn't able to get home until 4:30am on Saturday. For awhile we didn't think he'd get home until late morning on Saturday, so at least this way we were able to salvage the day with the kids. Jason leaves for New York Mon-Wed this week, and Mon-Wed again next week for MN, so I'm glad we had most of this weekend with him.
The boys are definitely turning into little boys with their energy and destructiveness :)
Jason definitely understands why I need to get out of the house with the boys each day so I myself don't go crazy! They get too stir-crazy in the house for too long.
Jaxon is doing awesome with his physical development. He's able to roll onto his belly and sit himself back up. He's not consistent with it yet, but he does it several times a day. I can't wait for his physical therapist to see it tomorrow morning! He's doing really well. Although he does enjoy rolling around like a wild man in his bed, so he's been tangling himself up in his feeding tube. I found him upside down (the top of his bed is elevated) with the tube wrapped around his neck! I just about fainted. So we've devised a new way of putting him to bed which includes routing his tube differently and covering any exposed tubing with a cardboard tube over it. It looks funny...but he's safe! I'll take a picture this week so you can all see it.

Looking like they're up to something!
Brady putting his tongue out and blowing spit all day on Sunday!
Jax showing his news skills of rolling over and pushing up to play.
Getting up on his knees!
And sitting back up all by himself!

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

So big, yet still so small

Brady looked so tiny standing in our front doorway. 
I stood behind him for a few minutes just trying to store this memory of him.

Jax and Brady being goofy as usual.

They looked like such big boys playing together at this table. 
Some day Jax will be standing at it by himself too.
Big B...
If you click on this picture and enlarge it, you can see "his" left eye has a brown patch on it. 
He and Jax each have this exact patch of daddy's eye color.

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Music weekend

The boys are doing well. Brady is getting better at walking along furniture. So he's cruising right along. I've decided to start Jax back up on his Miralax, but only a 1/4 tsp. After two days of stopping, he started grunting very hard and he was in pain. The next day he had ZERO stools. So I started a tiny amount back up and sure enough, he's going 3-4x/day again. Thankfully things moved right along quickly again. A few of his upcoming supplements are meant to replace the Miralax, so I'll wait for those to be in his system before trying to cut that out again!
We took the boys to a small music festival in Bay View to see some friends, and get the boys outside during these last few weekends of nice weather. Jaxon had a really hard time for the first hour, but warmed up and ended up loving it. The loud music and large number of people seemed to be too much stimulation for him and he only wanted to be held by Jason or I. Thankfully the loud band changed over and he was able to enjoy himself, he's apparently a bigger fan of French-techno.


Ahhh yes, Mother of the Year Award goes to me...
I left Brady crawling in the kitchen as I tended to Jax having an episode. Next thing I hear - CRASH!!! Sure enough, Brady pulled down our good serving platter and shattered it. Thankfully he wasn't hurt at all. The boys and I took a trip to Target later that afternoon for more baby proofing items! Jason said Brady owes us $100 :)

Don't they look innocent? Don't be fooled...
Jaxon not diggin' the festival at first...
But once Claire showed Jax a puppy, he started to calm down and enjoy himself. 
His therapist told me that animals can be very therapeutic to kids, so I was told to not get rid of our cat...
~Daddy and Jax~
The boys loved watching the music!
(Jax is on the left - I know that they look very similar in some pictures!)
~Mommy and Brady~
After awhile, the boys forgot that Mommy and Daddy were even there!
Brady eating dinner with Claire and Julie.
Jax and Krista dancing to music!
How funny is this?
First of all, it looks like the little boy on the TV is talking to Brady, but secondly, he crawled away after his diaper change without his shorts!

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Love for the straw

Brady has learned to drink from a straw! This is big news in our house since his highchair doesn't recline, he can't tip his head back to drink out of his sippy. So throughout every meal he screams for you to hold his sippy cup up for him - not cool. Brady is just cruising along and loving the fact he can pull up to a stand everywhere and takes tiny steps along things.

Jaxon is getting stronger everyday. We stopped giving him his laxative yesterday to see how he would do (since he was going 3-4x/day and blowing out his diapers) with just all the natural supplements, and he went 3.5 times today. I say .5 because it wasn't a full diaper, but so far so good! His vomiting has remained at his baseline, so that hasn't changed yet, but it's nice to know he's clearing out that bacteria that used to land him in the hospital!

What a beautiful site...Brady taking his OWN drinks during lunch!
Hey dudes!
Jax being all squirrelly.

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Weekend events

The boys are just truckin' along with development. Brady is getting brave and taking a few tiny steps while holding on to things. Jaxon's motor skills exploded this weekend with being able to put balls into specific holes on toys.
Brady is feeling better, but both boys (and mommy and daddy) still have runny noses which aggravates Jaxon's vomiting from time-to-time. As expected, Brady's test results were negative for strep. He is eating more, but still taking some pretty long naps. His weight was pretty low at his doctor appointment while checking out the rash. He's well under 20lbs now, so we need to fatten him up! Jaxon is our little meatball and is noticeably bigger! He looks taller as well when they're sitting next to each other.

Jaxon showing his awesome new skills!
We are officially half way through Jaxon's supplement list. 
This is what he currently takes at 4 different times during the day. Some are taken multiple times all depending if it needs to be taken during a food-break or not.

Jax is the he is pulling poor Brady's ears!
Big boy Brady showing his skills.

After many disinfectant wipes, the boys took their first shopping cart ride at Sam's Club - it worked great with Jaxon's tube. They loved it so much we want to get a double shopping cart cover - they thought it was a ride!
(Jay snapped a photo with his phone, that's why it looks so "dreamy")

Friday, September 11, 2009

Touching base...

I would like to immediately apologize for the lack of photos in this post :) I promise to fill up a post with pictures from this weekend.
News with the family:

Brady's fever finally came down on Wednesday, but then he developed a rash all over his body yesterday, so off to the doctor he went! The doctor thinks it's a virus running its course and he should be fine, although he was tested for strep since his throat was red and his rash had a lot of dry patches. We're still waiting for those results. He seems to be getting better each day, so my gut feeling is that it's just a virus.

Jaxon has been doing well. His vomiting has remained at his baseline of about 6 episodes a day. His motor skills have taken a leap this week with putting items in and out of containers. His new name is squirrel because he gets all hyper and squirrly suddenly which is nice to see (but hard to change his diaper!) He's been having 2-4 stools a day now instead of his 0-1x/day which is fantastic in our fight against bacterial infections in his intestines! The natural supplements seem to keep things "moving" like we were told they would do. We are currently on supplement #6 out of 13, so we're moving along nicely. Our dietitian from Children's Hosp called me this morning and said that vitamin D requirements have changed, so we'll be putting a small dose of that into his recipe now.

In mommy-news, I hit my tailbone on the corner of the coffee table while helping out in Jax's physical therapy - OUCH! It hurt so bad I had an X-Ray taken of it. Thankfully it's not fractured, but my diagnosis was "massive contusion", which I like to call "big bruise" :)

So today is Sept.11. Today is such a special day to many people for obvious reasons, but it also means something special to me besides the remembrance of all the souls lost. Today was my due date for the boys. 
Today marks their adjusted age of ONE which gives you a real sense of just how premature these little guys were. I'm so proud of them...and I think they are amazing.

Tuesday, September 8, 2009


We've had a nasty cold pass through everyone here at the house. I started it a week ago and each person has had symptoms since then. Thankfully Jax only had one bad night with some extra vomiting, but Brady seems to be taking it harder. He's had a temperature the past two days and was up Sun/Mon at 3am screaming. Nana Jayne and I had an early morning of trying anything and everything to get him to settle down and be comforted. Thankfully the boys both slept fine last night, but Brady still has a small temperature and is very clingy right now.
So we're waiting for this bug to get out of our house!
Brady is banging his head and face into so many things now since he tries standing so much, that his face has a new bruise every day! Jaxon seems to be doing rather well since yesterday. He only had about 4 vomiting episodes all day which is outstanding for him. We'll see if it was a one-day thing or what...

Nana and Papa Letts with the silly monkeys.
Papa Letts and giggly Jax.
Jax assuming the position of chewing on his toes as usual.
Brady pulling up and then not knowing what to do.
Nana Jayne and Daddy with the boys at our neighbors Labor Day party.
Sick Brady wanting to be held. This is pretty much the position 
I'm assuming most days/nights with this little guy lately.

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Daily play

Brady performing death-defying stunts!
My beans.
I'm not sure if Yanni is trapped, or if Jax is!
There's those tiny 4 bottom teeth on Brady!
Brady's attempt to walk along furniture resulting in his pants falling down...