Tuesday, September 8, 2009


We've had a nasty cold pass through everyone here at the house. I started it a week ago and each person has had symptoms since then. Thankfully Jax only had one bad night with some extra vomiting, but Brady seems to be taking it harder. He's had a temperature the past two days and was up Sun/Mon at 3am screaming. Nana Jayne and I had an early morning of trying anything and everything to get him to settle down and be comforted. Thankfully the boys both slept fine last night, but Brady still has a small temperature and is very clingy right now.
So we're waiting for this bug to get out of our house!
Brady is banging his head and face into so many things now since he tries standing so much, that his face has a new bruise every day! Jaxon seems to be doing rather well since yesterday. He only had about 4 vomiting episodes all day which is outstanding for him. We'll see if it was a one-day thing or what...

Nana and Papa Letts with the silly monkeys.
Papa Letts and giggly Jax.
Jax assuming the position of chewing on his toes as usual.
Brady pulling up and then not knowing what to do.
Nana Jayne and Daddy with the boys at our neighbors Labor Day party.
Sick Brady wanting to be held. This is pretty much the position 
I'm assuming most days/nights with this little guy lately.

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Jenn said...

Hope the little guys are feeling better. My little guy was sick with a fever reaching 103.5 at one point...he was so clingy and unhappy and just wanted to be held. It breaks your heart....