Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Love for the straw

Brady has learned to drink from a straw! This is big news in our house since his highchair doesn't recline, he can't tip his head back to drink out of his sippy. So throughout every meal he screams for you to hold his sippy cup up for him - not cool. Brady is just cruising along and loving the fact he can pull up to a stand everywhere and takes tiny steps along things.

Jaxon is getting stronger everyday. We stopped giving him his laxative yesterday to see how he would do (since he was going 3-4x/day and blowing out his diapers) with just all the natural supplements, and he went 3.5 times today. I say .5 because it wasn't a full diaper, but so far so good! His vomiting has remained at his baseline, so that hasn't changed yet, but it's nice to know he's clearing out that bacteria that used to land him in the hospital!

What a beautiful site...Brady taking his OWN drinks during lunch!
Hey dudes!
Jax being all squirrelly.


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Jennifer said...

So cute - Audrey has learned how to use these cups, too.

I miss you girls :(

Candice said...

So glad to see the boys are doing so well! They are developing so quickly now. Keep up the good work and good news!

CJ said...

Girl! They are getting so big!!! :)

Amanda said...

Yay for straws! Can't believe how BIG the boys look. They don't look like babies anymore--they are KIDS!