Sunday, September 20, 2009

Music weekend

The boys are doing well. Brady is getting better at walking along furniture. So he's cruising right along. I've decided to start Jax back up on his Miralax, but only a 1/4 tsp. After two days of stopping, he started grunting very hard and he was in pain. The next day he had ZERO stools. So I started a tiny amount back up and sure enough, he's going 3-4x/day again. Thankfully things moved right along quickly again. A few of his upcoming supplements are meant to replace the Miralax, so I'll wait for those to be in his system before trying to cut that out again!
We took the boys to a small music festival in Bay View to see some friends, and get the boys outside during these last few weekends of nice weather. Jaxon had a really hard time for the first hour, but warmed up and ended up loving it. The loud music and large number of people seemed to be too much stimulation for him and he only wanted to be held by Jason or I. Thankfully the loud band changed over and he was able to enjoy himself, he's apparently a bigger fan of French-techno.


Ahhh yes, Mother of the Year Award goes to me...
I left Brady crawling in the kitchen as I tended to Jax having an episode. Next thing I hear - CRASH!!! Sure enough, Brady pulled down our good serving platter and shattered it. Thankfully he wasn't hurt at all. The boys and I took a trip to Target later that afternoon for more baby proofing items! Jason said Brady owes us $100 :)

Don't they look innocent? Don't be fooled...
Jaxon not diggin' the festival at first...
But once Claire showed Jax a puppy, he started to calm down and enjoy himself. 
His therapist told me that animals can be very therapeutic to kids, so I was told to not get rid of our cat...
~Daddy and Jax~
The boys loved watching the music!
(Jax is on the left - I know that they look very similar in some pictures!)
~Mommy and Brady~
After awhile, the boys forgot that Mommy and Daddy were even there!
Brady eating dinner with Claire and Julie.
Jax and Krista dancing to music!
How funny is this?
First of all, it looks like the little boy on the TV is talking to Brady, but secondly, he crawled away after his diaper change without his shorts!


Jennifer said...

Loving the new hair!

My future sons in law are so cute

Valerie said...

Love the new pics and hair! I'm jealous you went to the Bay View bash. Ryan & I used to go to that all the time.

ravenmama said...

I can't believe how much the boy's hair has grown!! Too cute! Speaking of hair, yours is looking quite gorgeous.

Jenn said...

So far I can tell them apart in your pictures because Jax is a little chunkier :) I love Brady's hair lately!