Wednesday, September 23, 2009

So big, yet still so small

Brady looked so tiny standing in our front doorway. 
I stood behind him for a few minutes just trying to store this memory of him.

Jax and Brady being goofy as usual.

They looked like such big boys playing together at this table. 
Some day Jax will be standing at it by himself too.
Big B...
If you click on this picture and enlarge it, you can see "his" left eye has a brown patch on it. 
He and Jax each have this exact patch of daddy's eye color.


Anonymous said...

What a beautiful house you have! You will always treasure that picture. I so enjoy watching your boys grow. They are so adorable! Brady looks like quite the ham...and so proud of himself for standing! My little man is just starting to walk. Check out my blog if you have a chance.


mrsrubly said...

what such an awesome pic! you need to get that blown up!! i truly am inspired by photography. that pic speaks words!! good luck

Jennifer said...

His eyes are absolutely beautiful!! I know you do it already, but always keep that camera handy so you can capture those moments. I find myself doing the same thing. Even when they cry, I record it because I never want to forget :)

Jennifer said...

I love your chandelier!

And my goodness, you have the absolute most precious boys

monica said...

What beuatiful house you have! Your boys are just adorable!

Wendy said...

That is so cool re: the boys brown eye spot!

Mary said...

They are as adorable as ever!