Thursday, October 29, 2009

2nd Lab tests - done!

I brought Jaxon into the hospital to get his blood drawn for the second round of testing we're doing for the holistic medical facility. I was dreading this morning, but I'm so glad it's done with. It took three tries to get his blood, so you can imagine the nuclear meltdown he was having. We were able to get the labs processed into plasma and ship everything out. Now we wait to see what his results are and where to go from here. He had his Amino Acids, carnatine levels, serotonin levels and a Denox DNA evaluation done. I'm anxious to see the results.

Brady is starting to understand words now (he certainly knows what NO means). He takes socks and puts them to his feet knowing that's where they go, and he also takes Jaxon's bibs and put them up around his forehead knowing that's how they go on. I know these are little things, but this is the first sign from him that he gets it. He also does high 5's now, but for some reason "bye-bye" waving is still beyond him.

Since Jaxon is on the move like crazy now, he's having to learn the word NO for the first time, and he's only starting to get it :)

Here are the boys cruising around the kitchen at night (when Jax is off his feeding pump):

Thanks to Tamlyn for sending these cute outfits from Cooper and Colton!!

**For anyone following baby Grant, his staph infection is not MRSA (great news) but his liver enzymes are now at a critical high level. They're hoping it's from the staph infection and not his TPN. Please continue thoughts and prayers to their family.


shawna said...

What is the Carnitine for? Grant has it added to the TPN but I just assumed it was TPN related.

Laura said...

Ditto Shawna, what's Caratine for and what's the Denox DNA evaluation for?