Thursday, October 1, 2009

Flu shots

The boys had their flu shots today, which always make for happy babies (note the sarcasm). I'm waiting to hear what the pediatrician's office recommends about the H1N1 vaccine, but they're also waiting to hear from the county. We're still not sure if Jax qualifies for the monthly RSV shots, so we're waiting on that as well.
We found out the boys weights today (which are usually a few ounces less than the hospital scales). Our little meatball Jax weighs 21lbs, 8oz and Brady weighs 19lbs, 11oz. Brady is just starting to get back to gaining from when he was sick.

In household news, we had a new furnace put into the house today. YAY for reliable heat before winter! Booo for the cost...we better not have to worry about our furnace again until the boys are at least in college! 

Brady is still cruising around furniture and walking along with some toys, so we're just waiting for those first steps, I can't wait! Although it's time to set my baby-jail up in the family room!
Jax is now consistently going from a sit position into a crawl position and then back to a sit seems to have clicked very fast for him. I positioned his tubes differently on him, so he feels a bit more free during the day to move like this. We left his tubes connected during occupational therapy today, and he did great! I think his natural supplements are helping him gain weight with better absorption and of course giving him all this fabulous energy!

It's so neat to walk into a room and see this...

Hi Big B! 
I swear he had two socks and two shoes on when he started the day.
And this is how Jax takes his socks off!


Jenn said...

I love the first picture! They are doing EXACTLY the same see the twins in them here! :)

My little guy's 1 year shots are fast approaching and I am NOT looking forward to it!

Amanda said...

We got the regular flu shots, but I am still wary of the H1N1 shot. Let us know what you hear/decide. What GREAT weights!!! It really seems like the supplements are working :)