Monday, October 12, 2009

Overdue update!

I'm sorry it's taken me so long to post!
The boys are doing well. Brady is still cruising along furniture with walking, but not on his own yet. He certainly can get up the stairs quickly too, so gates have been installed. We put some big boy shoes on him (that he can't get off, it's IMPOSSIBLE to keep shoes and even socks on the kids these days). Jax's physical therapist told us to take the shoes off Brady when he's in the house since his feet will flex better without them on and walk better. So many conflicting opinions!
Jax is doing fabulous with his development. He's starting to crawl now! He can get up on his knees and tries SO hard to pull up, but that will have to be worked on for awhile before that happens. The therapists think his development is going so quick because this has all "clicked" for him awhile ago, but he just wasn't able to do it physically. So now that he's building up his strength in his right shoulder/neck form the torticollis, he's starting to cruise along. He's getting more comfortable with the tubes as well. He's up to all 13 of his supplements now. We'll be discussing when to move forward with the next round of testing for the alternative doctor. He still has vomiting episodes, although we think less frequent. The biggest victory so far is zero hospitalizations and zero antibiotics. This has been huge for Jax!
I've cut down to zero Miralax now from 1/8 tsp. He is now on his full supplement power and has had explosive diarrhea for the past week. It has been QUITE the challenge to clean that with a kid who wants to get into his new fancy crawl position while you're trying to clean up his awful mess and then to have another little curious monkey named Brady try to see what's going on. Needless to say there have been a lot of sudden loads of laundry done that includes blankets, my clothes, Jaxon's clothes and yes...even Brady's clothes after cleaning up Jax's poo-mess. So we'll see how he does over these next few days without his daily laxative and just the natural supplements.
Jax is also down to getting adjusted at the chiropractor once every two weeks. We'll see how he does, but she said he's really holding his alignments well now! He also has his GI follow-up and Feeding clinic appts at Children's Hospital in 2 weeks from now. I want to discuss any further testing for early 2010 which would tell us if (by their tests) Jax's disease has progressed or gotten better, and even how far down his intestines he is affected since we would put a probe thru his large intestines as well this time. We'll see how the planning of this goes.
Hopefully everything will remain quiet and both boys will just continue to keep developing into little boys.


Lunch at Applebees on Saturday afternoon. This is how we position the boys whenever we go out for food. So far it has been wonderful and they've loved it. They each have their own chair with their own tray so they don't/can't touch anything on the table. We can also put covers on their trays so we can wash/disinfect them at home. We also keep them on the inside of each of us in a booth to not bother (shield) from other people. They weren't very good in restaurants until about 12 months old and have been great since - we'll see how long it lasts!
Jax showing how he can get up on his knees and play at that level.
Brady loves to pull things out of the bathroom drawer as I get ready in the morning. Here he found my old velcro rollers - such a diva!
Typical pictures I get of the boys together now - not as easy anymore!
Easier to get pictures one-by-one! 
Here's handsome Brady!
Jax doing his "serious model" pose!
Or totally NOT amused by Mom...
Classic move by Jax. He wrestled me through an entire diaper change, only to crawl off without his pants. Here he is trying to copy Brady and doing his best at pulling up.
Let's recap this last photo. my kids are about 2" from the television (yes, they watch cartoons, I'm THAT much of a wonder-Mom) and Jax has ONE sock on and NO pants. Mother of the Year Award goes to me :)


Mary said...

Mother of the Year DOES go to you, Annie. The boys are adorable, I love watching them grow!

Laura said...

Girl, you get the Mother of the Century Award! You are awesome. And this post is awesome. I can't believe it. Jax is doing exactly like Evan did and soon he's going to be pulling up and cruising and then walking shortly after. And you felt like you would never get around to making a post like this!! I'm so excited for you guys.

Amber said...

Yes you do get the Mother of the year award! I'm glad to hear that Jax is doing so good, yay!

Kelly said...

Adorable boys! Adorable smiles! Adorable pictures!!

Twincerely,Olga said...

wow! theya re really precious!!

NormalOnesLeft said...

Way to go Jaxie! Love you boys.
Auntie Krista