Sunday, October 25, 2009

Seasons change

The last few days proved to be a beautiful fall weekend. Not much has changed with the boys for development other than Jax getting much more comfortable with crawling and Brady has tiny moments of standing alone. We worked with Brady off and on and he just tries to get down to crawl the moment you try to get him to walk - this better not be a foresight into the future of getting him potty trained!

On a more serious note, I would like to take a moment to send some love out to Shawna from Texas. Shawna and I belong to the same online community of mothers of multiples (she has 8 month old twin boys), and her little boy, Grant, has been diagnosed with Pseudo Obstruction. It's unbelievable that two babies in this small group of women have the senseless same disease. Please take some time to send your positive thoughts and prayers to their family. Grant is struggling at only 11 lbs and is on full TPN (IV feeds). My heart has been breaking for this family for quite awhile, and I know exactly how Shawna felt the other night when her baby was given this diagnosis. At this point, Grant is given a less than 30% to ever be off TPN, ever. Hopefully with this diagnosis they're able to begin calming his pain and getting him to grow now that they know what they're treating. No parent or child should ever have to go through things like this. 
With that said, everyone hug your babies and enjoy some pictures of these guys.

A walk with Daddy to look at fall leaves.

Brady enjoying the leaves in the yard!
Jaxon does NOT like the feel of leaves!
Neither boy owning up to who ripped the lamp...

Jaxon testing my cleaning skills by trying to chew on the tub...
~ They love bathtime ~
The neat thing about can pull his clothes off at bedtime and leave them on his head 
and the kid just leaves them on his head and goes about playing like they're not there!


Jenn said...

We have the same basketball hoop for the tub! However, the left suction cup will NOT stay stuck! I think I am going to have to try to buy a new suction cup for hasn't worked since Cole got it for his birthday just over a week ago.

Melissa said...

I can't get over how big they are getting! They are such happy boys!

oleyfriends said...


I found your blog and wondered if you had heard of the Oley Foundation yet.

We offer free information and peer support for families with a member on home tube or IV feeding -- including kids with CIPO. Check out our website at

In particular you might be interested in the Meet Patients Section (try all three links):

Mariah Abercrombie and her mom, Felice Austin, in Region IV have been dealing with CIPO since Mariah was born 26 or so years ago. They are really neat people with a lot of experience to share.



If you have any questions or would like to be introduced to another family, feel free to contact me.

Warm regards,
Roslyn Dahl
Oley Foundation Staff Member
(800) 776-OLEY

shawna said...

Thank you.