Sunday, October 4, 2009

Weekend Photos!

We all went to Jason's home town of Manitowoc on Saturday to visit some family and to watch Jason's cousin Eric play football for his old high school team's homecoming. The boys loved all the people and the excitement until about halftime when the fact that they were skipping their naps kicked in!
We were able to visit all the grandparents, and see Nana and Papa Letts and Uncle Craig and Auntie Shannon at the game, it was a nice day away. Jason and I took the boys to a pumpkin farm on Sunday and the boys loved it. We saw some animals at the petting zoo, a lot of kids playing games and we took a hay ride through a haunted forest which stopped at a corn maze that led us out to a pumpkin patch. It was a great activity for all of us!

Brady with Great Grandpa K.
Jaxon with Great Grandpa K.
Nana Letts and I with the boys at the football game.
Auntie Shannon with Jax. They were on cheerleader patrol!
Brady and Papa Letts being serious.
Great Grandma Letts with the boys.
Jason with a goat and the boys...this picture is fantastic :)
The boys thought the hay was way cooler than a pumpkin!
In fact, everything going on around us was more interesting than looking at mom or dad!
Brady showing his skills.
My pumpkins sitting with pumpkins~
All four of us on the hay ride through the haunted forest.
Jay with Brady in the corn maze.
Jaxon and I strolling through the maze.
Brady having a blast waiting for the hay ride to pick us up from the end of the maze.
Just waiting and having fun!


Kelly and Natalie said...

Loving the pumpkin patch pics! We are going in 2 weekends, and I'm super excited. The boys are adorable!

NormalOnesLeft said...

Love B's cocked hat in the corn maze! God, that boy is his father's son!

Jennifer said...

SO cute. And I do not envy your mitten wearing. Good Gosh, woman, I'm still wearing flip flops.

Heather said...

Oh, adorable pictures. I love the boys hats. So cute.

Kirsten said...

OMG....LOVE the pumpkin patch pictures!

monica said...

Love th epumpkin patch pictures!! Cute boys...looked like you guys had a great time!