Sunday, October 18, 2009

Weekend yuckies

We had a very low-key weekend. Jaxon and I haven't been feeling the best. I started with aches & pains, a sore throat and nasty headaches, and Jax was irritable and ran a temperature on Saturday night. His vomiting had increased to every 20 minutes when we put him down for bed so I called the doctor about what to do. She doesn't ever like it if Jax runs a fever with extra vomiting. I realized he's never run a temperature at home (only in the hospital). We all made the decision to only bring him into the ER if his vomiting continued or fever got higher (it was at 101.7 at 10pm). He actually stopped vomiting after I got off the phone and slept until 5:30am, and then after a few episodes of vomiting, he slept until 7:30am and has been doing well since. He's back to his baseline of vomiting and no temperature since last night. It must have been a quick bug for him, although he does have a touch of diarrhea, but he's acting totally normal. I on the other hand don't feel great at all. I can somehow give Jaxon over 20 medications/supplements every single day but can't remember my own multi vitamin...seriously woman!

Otherwise the boys are still moving along. Brady hasn't taken any steps unassisted yet, but I'll sure let you know when he does! And Jaxon is cruising around with his crawling. We have to chase behind him with his backpack that he's attached to. He needs to be pulling up to a stand and taking steps like Brady in order to wear his backpack...we can't wait for that!

The boy's play pen set up in the family room. 
We play in here late morning while listening to Sinatra. 
A change of scenery and toys can do wonders!
Brady proving that I can't keep a big basket of 
diapers and supplies sitting on the couch anymore...


Trish said...

what a stinker!

Hope everyone is back to 100% soon.

Wendy said...

Be well!

Twincerely,Olga said...

too cute!!! Just wanted to say hi

cat said...

So glad they are doing well and that the bug was a quick one.