Sunday, December 27, 2009

Happy Holidays

Wow, traveling with these boys for the holidays was exhausting! We had so much family to see in such a compact amount of time, but we did it! The hardest part is still finding a way to let the boys have a nap, and deal with Jax's tube-changes and medication/supplement administering. It all worked out, and the boys LOVED seeing all the family, but we were ready to come home by Saturday. 
Jaxon didn't have any episodes in a crowded room to scare anyone. He actually had decent days considering he had less sleep and a lot of stimulation. Brady ran a fever the first night we got home (Wednesday night) and then by the time we were getting ready to leave on Saturday morning from his other set of grandparent's, he was SUPER crabby. We figured he just needed to be home. Well he had a rough day again today, so hopefully that gets figured out soon.
After coming home and looking through all the pictures we took, I was really disappointed to see that the pictures had really dropped off after Christmas Eve. I'm so bummed that we didn't get a picture of the boys with their cousin's Aidan and Anesah - DARN IT! 

Jaxon has a follow-up with the GI specialist at Children's Hospital on Tuesday, so I'll keep you all updated with that.
Well, enjoy the shots I was able to get, and Happy Holidays!

Jason and Brady relaxing on the couch and watching a Yo Gabba Gabba DVD on 
Christmas Eve morning - the calm before the holiday craze we fly through the next two days!
Great Grandpa Wally and Brady on Christmas Eve.
Uncle Adam and Jax hanging out Christmas Eve.
Amber and Josh lovin' up the boys Christmas Eve.
No matter how many people are around to play with the boys, they still fight over me!
Of course Jax could be found in the arms of his cute 2nd cousin - Amanda.
Nana Jayne with the boys on Christmas morning.
Cousin Marley with the boys at Nana Jayne and Bumpa's house Christmas morning.
Papa Letts playing with Brady late Christmas morning at Grandpa K's house.
The boys had to be wrestled to the ground in order to keep them away from the stairs. All they wanted to do Christmas afternoon at the Lettenbergers, was to climb the stairs! 
(this was the 4th event out of 5 in a day and a half)
We had to give in!
Cousin Aidan and the boys opening a present at Nana and Papa Letts house Christmas night.
(I see Aidan's hat and arm! That's all I got - what the heck?! Christa and Clint - did you get any shots? I'm mad I didn't get you guys or Nana!!!) They were all there, I promise :)


shawna said...

They are adorable as always. I can't wait for the update from the GI.

Heather said...

Aw! Great pictures. They look like they had a blast. And you amaze me doing all of that traveling. We traveled for one afternoon to John's family and it was exhausting trying to pack up all of the kids crap plus their special allergen free food. I can only imagine everything you had to take with you guys! Hope you can relax (yea right!) sometime!