Thursday, December 10, 2009

Little tornados

The boys are cruising along. Brady is still copying us with many things EXCEPT walking and talking :)
Jax had his GJ-tube changed out at the hospital this morning. I'm glad that's over with for the next 3 months. He's really cruising around wearing his backpack now, which is pretty cute.
The boys pretty much use everyday to trash as many rooms as possible in the house now. As they get taller, the more and more things end up on the floor that they can reach! It's pretty much a complete tornado all over the place! I will have to start snapping photos of rooms they destroy for your entertainment.

Here's Brady NOT using his plate appropriately.
(But MUST hold onto a fork or spoon at all times)
This is REALLY not the appropriate use of a plate or fork.
Hmmm...a new way to contain the little men!
(Notice the lovely snow storm outside the window)


Jennifer said...

hehe, love the boxes! you are so brave - we don't do plates, bowls or utensils yet

Jenn said...

We have the same utensils and Cole loves to try to use his fork...takes him forever to get one pea on it...yes he tries to pick up peas with it! I just put Cole in a box too and attached a bungie cord to it and pulled him around the house...he loved it! :)

Melissa said...

I recognize receiving blankets from Childrens Hospital under the high chair!! We have some of those as well.

Anonymous said...

OMG that picture of the boys in the boxes is so precious! Evan still isn't very good at using plates, bowls or silverware, but I keep trying too. You are lucky to have hardwood floors, much easier to clean up! I have carpet in my kitchen and dining room, so I try to intercept food throwing when it first begins. Makes my job a little easier. I usually call in the dogs to assist too!