Monday, December 21, 2009

Pre-holiday celebrations

The boys had Rachel, Dennis, Craig and Shannon visit yesterday. Jason was on pins and needles watching the Packers play the Steelers. It was a nice visit, and the boys loved all the attention.

In boy news, Brady has started a little stranger danger these past few weeks, but nothing major. He does a ton of baby-talk, but nothing coherent yet! Jaxon has good days and bad days, but he's hanging in there. He's doing really well in the evenings, but the mornings can still be tough. Overall, he's still defying the odds and we keep the faith.

A big concern for him right now is the prolapse (stomach lining/tissue) that is coming out of his stoma (hole that his tube is in) and it's really starting to protrude a lot now. I tried pushing it in as much as I could yesterday (yes...really) and now today he has blood venting out of his stomach...this poor kiddo...I'm hoping it's from me pushing on the stoma site. I REALLY hope he doesn't have to have surgery to have another hole punctured into his body to let this one heal up. Jax has his next GI follow up on Dec. 29, so they'll probably let us know if anything needs to be done.

We're just trying to tie up last minute holiday things and start packing for our trip home for the holidays! 

Rachel soaking up some snuggles from Brady
~Rachel and the boys opening their holiday gifts~
(The boys love tearing at the paper!)
What a fun toy - an entire drum full of noise makers - thanks Auntie!
Jax could not get enough of playing with Craig before bedtime~
(He slept well - thanks Craig!)
~Brady and Dennis playing airplane~
Jaxon's first time crawling up an entire flight of stairs! 
Look at that determined face!
(Every night these little peanuts crawl up the stairs 
in total excitement now!)
**Look how cute their monkey shirts are from The Garbers!


JustaKidAtHeart said...

So cute. That is one determined face. Did the aunt get you ear plugs to go with that drum? LOL

Jenn said...

Poor Jax...I don't know how you handle this up and down...I guess you don't have a choice but you sure are amazing! As are your boys!

Amanda said...

That drum is the greatest toy!!! My kids play with it all the time--and sing along!

Laura said...

Cute cute cute! You know, we don't let them crawl up the stairs to bed, but maybe we should. I only let them on the stairs when there's another person here to help because Cam just zooms up and runs around in our un-baby proofed bedroom and Evan likes to go up slowly three steps, back down four steps, then back up five steps then back down two...

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