Monday, December 7, 2009

Pretend Play

Brady has been doing the CUTEST things this past week by copying us. He was pretending to put lotion on his body after his bath the other night. He took the closed lotion bottle and swirled his hand over the top of it and then rubbed all over his legs. He's been picking up Jax's plastic medicine syringes and pretending to mix up his medicine. He's been mixing and stirring bowls at every chance he has, and now HAS to hold onto a fork or spoon while eating. Since he can't always make contact well enough with the food, he'll touch the food with the utensil and then pretend to eat off of it. He also takes Jax's bib off and tries to put it back on him (he thinks Jax is magnetic like the fridge, so you can imagine how he tries to put it back on him). It's so neat to watch this development happen, and stinkin' cute too.

Jax has been getting better with his super mini backpack. He had an entire PT appointment this morning with it on, and his therapist was very impressed with him. She gave us the okay with it, and the chiropractor said he looked good as well (and liked the padding of the backpack), although he was a little out of alignment (but we're on top of that with weekly visits). His episodes have remained pretty steady with an average of 4-6. He has some great days, and then some normal days, so he's doing pretty well. I've also increased his pump rate now to 41 ml/hr, so we're able to give him a good break when he first gets up in the morning and then of course in the evening. He'll be having his tube replaced at the hospital on Wednesday (it has to be changed out every 3 months). While I'm excited to have it changed out and have it turned to the other side of his belly (to give his skin a break from the tape), I'm NOT looking forward to how upset he'll be to go through a change-out, poor kiddo.

The boys finally love books! They like the simple board books. 
St. Nick brought them a cute one with furry animals to feel. 
Library day tomorrow!
Brady mixing me up a pretend-cake!
Hi Handsome B!

**To answer "MFA Mama's" comment - Jax has a GJ - Mic Key button. It has to be changed out at the hospital under an X-Ray machine since it is threaded into the intestines - he is not fed into the stomach. They have to pin him down with weights and then set the X-Ray up over him. They deflate his balloon, remove the tube (it's long) and then insert the new one, and place it in the proper place via the small intestines. They then fill the new balloon to keep it in place. The GJ button can not be twirled around on his stomach (so it doesn't torque and wind up into his stomach) so that's why I want them to point it in the opposite direction that it is now since it must stay put once in place.


Anonymous said...

So cute that Brady is repeating you!

MFA Mama said...

Wait, does he still have a pull-PEG? I thought he had a mic-key button by now...the buttons are pretty painless to change out (and I'm surprised they're actually doing it at the hospital if he has a button because they had me watch them put the first one in then turned me loose with that). Now, the pull-PEGs...well, those are pretty daggone brutal. You might want to ask about switching to a button if that's what he has. There's this elastic wrap stuff you can bind it to their belly with so they don't torque it around sliding and playing on their bellies. Sorry to get all up in your biz (my youngest has had a g-tube for nearly four years now; he got it as an infant), and OMG Brady...SO cute!

Jenn said...

I just love pretend play! Too cute. I know what you mean about Jax being matter how big or small you hate anything that upsets them or causes even the slightest discomfort and worry way more about their stuff than your own!

Kelly said...

They are both so handsome! Love the pictures!