Sunday, January 10, 2010


We had a quiet weekend, which can be nice! Jaxon can now consistently wave hello or bye-bye. I've noticed both boys are starting to transfer from one object to the next easier while standing. They can also tear apart every room on the first floor within 10 minutes flat. It's amazing!

Tomorrow (Monday) is Jaxon's appointment with the alternative doctor, so I'll update of course with the recommendations. I'm also waiting to hear back from the GI nurse at Children's Hospital for his lab tests and to discuss a particular drug. I'll keep you all updated.

The boys getting ready to run some errands 
with us on Saturday - they are such spit fires!
How long do you think they'll share the chair?
We played their Yo Gabba Gabba DVD on the computer in their playroom while the Packer game was on Sunday - they loved it...clearly!


Jessica said...

The boys look so cute sitting together :)

Would you mind sharing where you found the chair and slipcover?

Laura said...

I so need two of those chairs in the worst way. C&E can not share nicely. We also have started watching the New Friends Yo Gabba Gabba DVD.