Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Appointment and lab work update

We received pretty decent news yesterday. Jax's lab work from Children's Hospital all came back good. He is receiving plenty of fluid everyday for organ function and his Carnatine levels are just fine (so no supplement needed for that).
The appointment with the alternative doctor went good too. His latest lab worked showed pretty good results. He needs a supplement for some low amino acids, a serotonin supplement which will not only help his low serotonin level, but also help counter the Co-Q10 affects he has of not being able to nap very easily (Q-10 gives a lot of energy, and since it's given in the morning, it seems to affect his noon nap often). It should help with focus and concentration too - couldn't we all use a little bit of that?! He's also being put on Cod Liver Oil to help with a genetic marker he tested positive for (which Jason and I have been recommended to take as well, since it came from us).
The doctor was very impressed with Jaxon's test results. He is still VERY confident that Jaxon's vomiting will slowly but surely end with a long road of training how to eat. He thinks Jax is responding better and faster than he expected already. It's nice to see and hear his confidence, we all just hope he's right!


Amanda said...

Yay!! I am so excited for you. Glad to see that he is responding well (and faster than expected!!)

Laura said...

::Doin' the Cabbage Patch dance::

Jenn said...

That sounds SOOOO encouraging. That is great. How great too that both your alternative doc and Hospital doc are seeing good results?! If you don't mind me asking, does your insurance cover the alternative doc? I have some reproductive issues that I am looking more and more into alternative versus invasive treatment for (I have started accupuncture) but I am very limited in what my insurance will cover and I am sure it can get expensive!