Sunday, January 24, 2010

Brady's first steps

He did it! Brady took his first steps on Saturday. He walked from the coffee table to Nana Jayne on the couch. He let go of the table and just stood there and then took two steps like it was no big deal. No wobbling or anything. He has refused to do it again since! So frustrating! So...I guess it's a matter of time until he feels like doing it. And all of you were right who said it would start happening soon after all the climbing! All you smart moms out there!

Jaxon is STILL vomit-free. They are both doing great. Brady now pretends to talk on the phone, vacuum the house, make food and feed it to whomever is willing to play. Both boys grabbed their own books and crawled up in my lap to have me read tonight. They are LOVING their little kitchen that took me THREE hours to put together on Saturday night. Brady is obsessed with it. Best $24 spent to date!

The playroom and my office with their kitchen.
Brady watching Jax dismantle everything on the kitchen. 
He will put it all back once Jax is done!


Melissa said...

Way to go Brady! Way to go Jax! They are both amazing little boys.I love the overalls!

Doubly Blessed said...

Way to go Big B! and Way to go Jax vomit free! Awesome!

Anonymous said...

They are doing so great! Way to go big boys! They are so amazing!

Laura said...

Go boys go! You have the best family. So stinking cute and happy and amazing. Are you reveling in the peace? Soak it up, you guys deserve this and sooooo much more.

Jenn said...

My friend has that kitchen and we just had a play date with her daughter so Cole did a test run with it so now I HAVE to hunt it down. It is so small and although cheaper than Fisher Price it is still sturdy! Now I have to track it down...I think you said JC Penny might have it?

SOOOOO happy about Jax by the way and a great milestone for Brady! Cole did that too but soon enough was walking everywhere after a short break :)