Wednesday, January 20, 2010


Everything has remained steady. Even when Jax had his usual meltdown walking into the chiropractor's office, he didn't have an episode, which he usually does when really upset. He did have a few moments of his coughing that he does in the beginning of an episode, which makes my heart sink thinking he's about to, but he never does. So far so good :) The chiropractor is amazed, and happy to see him not needing his backpack in the late morning. She said his alignment was looking great, and that it's probably due to the fact he's not heaving and putting his body through the stress. So we don't have to go back for 2 weeks unless there's a set back.

I have an appointment made for him in two weeks at the feeding clinic in Children's Hospital. If he can hold strong until that point, I think it's safe to start trying to put formula directly into his stomach rather his intestines. Until then, I want to make sure this is really happening, and not a short-lived thing. 

Baby Grant has been back in the hospital for the past few days with a yeast line infection from the TPN. He's already received a blood transfusion and is awaiting another one while they fight his fevers. He's been wearing Jax's power-pj's in hopes to follow Jax. We're all thinking about you Grant!

The boys coloring some dinosaurs.
As usual, Brady eating the crayon!


monica said...

Yay on the good news with no episodes lalety!!

Great pictures of the boys coloring!

Jenn said...

Simply amazing and so great for you all! I can't say it enough!