Sunday, January 3, 2010

The end to a holiday season

The boys have been loving all their play time at home with mom and Dad during the holiday weekend. We all went to John and Amy's house (cousins) for New Years Day dinner - the boys had a blast! We chased after them for much of the visit since they felt completely comfortable touring the entire house non-stop, but it was fun!
We've completed a playroom for the boys with a trip to IKEA, and putting together some of the last Christmas presents they received from everyone. I was able to get a STEAL on a play kitchen through a friend online ($24!), so that should complete the room for the boys. Brady will be in heaven since he's SO into pretend play and "cooking".  I'm hoping it will help with their speech therapy as well to capitalize on "pretend play". I'm not sure if I've ever mentioned the boys complete obsession with the dishwasher or stove (or anything in the kitchen really), but the play kitchen should prove to be rather popular with them! I'll include pictures of their new big-boy play areas when they're all finished up.
*I just realized you can see a lot of it in the photo of Brady in the post below!

The first official picture of 2010!
John and Amy with the boys!
The boys shared lots of high 5's, clapping and some waving bye-bye!
Not to mention a LOT of scaling of their walls looking for trouble...

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Jenn said...

What a great photo in front of the tree! I would love to find a play kitchen for that price...good for you! Cole LOVES the dishwasher too and now knows how to turn it on so we have to watch him carefully!