Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Fever City

Jax has come down with something. He's had a fever all day that Tylenol has been treating, but it keeps coming back. Poor Jax feels just lousy. He was crying a lot and clinging to me like a baby monkey. He's definitely not acting like himself. Because of his CIPO, his nerve function dumps out his body fluid, so the vent that we have hooked up to his belly while sleeping has been completely full of body fluid and stomach bile. He woke up retching a little bit this morning, and then had an actual puke later in the day. No real 2-minute episodes, but he for sure puked and didn't feel well at all. Poor little guy.
Hopefully this passes and it doesn't become anything bigger for him. After his bath, his temp was 101.3 at 7pm, so we gave him some Tylenol and he's in bed now. We'll see how he is tomorrow.

On a sad note, the father of one of my best friends passed away this morning. Vern fought a long battle with Huntington's Disease. My heart aches for Sidney and her family...all our love to you.

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Jae's Domain said...

Hoping Jax feels better soon!

Also, sorry to hear about your friends dad! I can understand what that is like because I have an aunt and a few cousins that have also been diagnosed with Huntington's Disease. It is unfortunate the quality of life that ensues from the disease and that it often take peoples lives too soon!