Friday, January 8, 2010

Fun with therapy

The boys loved having speech and occupational therapy this morning with lots of attention and fun. The boys love kissing themselves in a mirror...well, smashing their mouths against it at least. They think the body parts of Mr. Potato Head are pretty cool, but Jax still finds "gentle" with a baby doll to mean throwing it. They were very engaged with nesting cups together for some reason today. We did a lot of verbs and prepositions with where a car can go (up, push, down, on etc etc). During OT, we realized that Brady loves to scream out for the word GO, when saying ready, set...(insert Brady's scream GAAAA!), so that is super cool. We did some feeding with Jax after some vibration stimulation to his face/mouth. He did as he usually does lately, blew bubbles and mostly refused. We received a few tips of what to do, so we'll keep on, keepin' on with that.

I called the GI nurse asking about Jax's lab work he had done last week while at the hospital. I'm sure I won't hear back until Monday. I also really want to talk to her (to talk to the GI doctor) about the drug Octreotide SubQ (given as a shot rather than IV). It's helping baby Grant out in Texas. We'll see what they have to say. We also have the meeting with the alternative doctor on Monday to review some testing we did in October. I'm very anxious to see how that goes.

Jax is on his "big-boy" formula now. He's graduated to Neocate Junior from Neocate Infant. It's a different formula for kids over one. We waited until now since his system was doing so well, the doctor wanted him to have a longer stretch of remission before changing anything on him. I have his pump rate up to 43ml's/hr, and he seems to be tolerating it well. His vomiting episodes have remained around 4-5/day, so we can't complain about that. He's been continuously waking around 6am with an episode, and then we turn off the pump and give him an hour or more break to go back to sleep. This has been helping him get another hour of rest most days.

The boys being SO GOOD...for a moment.
Then Brady realized Jax was in the chair.

A weird game Jason and Jax were playing last night.
Brady wrestling with Yanni.


monica said...

Yay for such cute pictures and cute boys!

Jenn said...

It is amazing the games we play with kids to entertain them! I love how Brady is front in center on the chair after he realized Jax was in it...he looks so pleased with

Pyjammy Pam said...

HA HA, those chair pictures are hilarious! and george does the same thing with that drum. what is it with men and putting it on their head? who knows...