Friday, January 1, 2010

Hello 2010!

I woke up to a new year this morning. That's what happens when you're sleeping by 10pm!
I had a dream that an eye doctor told us he could cure Jaxon. He had the cure. But we had to meet him the next day at the zoo with a check for $25,000...hmmm interpret that! I think a few different fears came into play on that dream!
I also remembered a detail from Jax's GI appointment that Jason and I need to look into. The doctor asked if anyone in our family suffers from migraines - apparently, that may be a key? We couldn't think of anyone immediately, so please consider this asking all of you!

We hoped and prayed that 2009 would be "our year" and while it proved continued struggles, it also didn't fail us. We have such hopes for 2010.

We were visited by Auntie Christa and cousins Aidan and Anesah last night on their way home back to St. Louis. I'm so happy I got some pictures! The boys love running around and playing with them, so it was nice to see all the kids so happy. 

Enjoy the first blog pictures of 2010!

Brady enjoying a Christmas gift from Angie and Marley.
(And some alone time since he woke up from his nap EARLY) pictures with the other cousins!

We peeked around the corner and saw this last night...


Laura said...

Happy New Year! I think I said this last year too, it can only keep getting better.

What do migraines have to do with Jax's condition??? I'm interested because I've suffered migraines my entire life, even as a young child. Everyone in my entire family on my side always has.

shawna said...

Now that you mention it, I have been asked the same thing. I wonder if it goes back to the frequently asked seizure question. Google is no help.

Amanda said...

I wonder what the link is with migraines? Glad you remembered it though. I really hope 2010 will bring new answers and fabulous times for your family. :)