Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Sippy cups!

Jaxon continues to amaze us. We had a very long session with the speech/feeding therapist yesterday (who is beyond amazed). After the speech portion of the session, we put both boys in their high chairs for a snack.
Brady got to enjoy 20 straight minutes of yummy snacks, while we experimented with Jaxon. After some oral stimulation with the Z-vibe pen, we tried some stage 1 baby puree peas which he did NOT like, so we tried giving him a Biter biscuit. The therapist thought this would be a good substance for him to chew on and get some flavor off of to help stimulate his taste buds (which aren't ready for food). Well Jax surprised us and actually bit OFF a piece. He started gagging and freaking out as we rushed to get the food out of his mouth. He never retched or vomited - we were shocked first of all that he didn't get sick, but mostly that he bit off a hard piece like that - that kid has some chompers!

We didn't want to push him after that, but the therapist really wanted to see if he'd give himself water out of a cup since he likes drops of water off a spoon. So we got out the sippy cups that I've been saving for a year in hopes we get to use them for Jax. They are the hard plastic take n' toss cups known for drinking practice that only lets out drops of water without having to suck.

Well sure enough, Jax loves it. He loves chewing on the hard plastic spout and taking tiny sips off of it. I was over the moon! The therapist said he may take to "drinking" his food before "eating" his food (like all infants start eating), so even if we can ever get him to drink his formula rather than getting it through the tube would be great. We would have to start putting his food thru his G-port (into his tummy), or at least some of it, and see how he does. This is going to be a very long process, but at least we have the real opportunity to start it! I'm calling the Feeding Clinic at the hospital to see if I can get an appointment in the next month to see what they think as well.
Keep up those prayers and good thoughts, because this kiddo is on his way!

The boys enjoying their sippy cups~
(Ohh I see an angel in between the boys in this picture!)
Brady needs to get used to the fact that Jax gets one too. 
Jax as usual has NO problem defending himself!
After his nap, he still liked the sippy!
The boys actually sharing a toy...kinda.


JustaKidAtHeart said...

more great news! woo hoo this is so exciting.

Doubly Blessed said...

Go Jax!!!

Jennifer said...

So happy!!

Melinda said...

That's awesome news! A miracle is really happening!

Laura said...

Yaaaaaay!! I knew it! I knew he'd love the sippy. C&E go crazy for their sippys. I wish I could just get them to stop shaking all the water out onto their pants and the floor. ;-)

I have not tried the bitter biscuits but will get some tonight. I was afraid they might be too hard or not dissolve quickly if they get a little piece in a bite. I highly recommend Baby MumMums, they dissolve super fast and easily turn into powder when scrapped against teeth.

NormalOnesLeft said...

All our prayers are finally being answered. There's a special place in this world for Jax. He is such a special boy.

Kelly and Natalie said...

Wonderful news!!! Keep it up Jax!

Valerie said...

YAY!!!!!!!! That's awesome!!!!

Marcie said...

That is so awesome. Great job Jax!