Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Stuck on them

Brady has taken a few more steps to me here and there, but there's no sign of it being a regular thing yet. He sure does love to climb ANYTHING though! He loves to yell out, "YAY!" when we're doing Jax's feeding therapy while we cheer Jax on...it's so sweet. So his words are: yeah, yay and go (if you prompt him) and he loves to shake his head NO. He will however, eat his snack twice a day on his toddler table (knowing food can't leave the table).

Jax also loves to shake his head NO, but really enjoys playing with cars all.the.time. He had a small vomit yesterday morning, but it was not an "episode" and it was after a lot of fluid was put into his tube. He hasn't had anything since, so it will be 2 full weeks as of tomorrow that he's gone without an actual vomiting "episode".
In other fun news, our hot water heater broke! We just replaced our furnace two months ago, and now this. Our luck is almost comical! But alas...it something replaceable.

Brady crawling through his chair and getting stuck!
Yup...after I rescued him from the first chair, 
I walked away for 1 minute and he was stuck in the next chair over...wow.
Jax will carry things around in his mouth...yup, our little monkey.
Brady looks innocent playing with the cat here, right?
Full on body hugs ensured.

Jax thought it was hilarious~
The boys up to no good this morning. They stole my camera cord and proceeded to wrap it around the stair gate until it was in knots.


Melissa said...

Those two crack me up! They are such happy boys and sneaky little guys. :-) I am so excited for Jax and all of you, yeah for no episodes!!!

Alicea (mnbride1013) said...

How do you always manage to have the camera around at the most convenient times? Hilarious! That is awesome that Jax is doing so well! I'm so glad to hear it.

Kelly and Natalie said...

That second picture of Brady getting stuck is seriously priceless! Way to go Jax, he is doing GREAT!

shawna said...

Brady vs. Cat looks exactly like Cade vs. Grant in my house.

NormalOnesLeft said...

1. The boys are becoming more and more "special" every day!
2. I love that you grab your camera before helping B out of the chair!
3. Poor Yanni! That cat will be blessed with 18 lives for all the crap those two put him through!

Jennifer said...

I really am LOLing at these pics