Tuesday, February 23, 2010

G-tube covers

Brady is a walking machine, and he's starting to get up to a stand without pulling up on something.
Jax is doing so great with the g-tube feedings. He's at 74mls/hr, which is up from 44mls/hr when we got the g-tube switched over. He's hit or miss with the oral feedings. He decided breakfast and dinner were not really for him today, but he did well at lunch time.
We ordered him some g-tube covers from "Suzanne", a seller off Etsy online. They work so well in place of his gauze pads which fell out of his shirt all day (gross). If anyone is interested, I highly recommend! They are machine washable, and come with their own bag to be thrown into the wash.

Here's Jax showing off his new tube-covers.
(The white sticker on the side is just to hold the tubing down to his body so if it gets tugged, it doesn't pull directly at the stoma site. It's simply for comfort and protection)

Here is his cool camoflauge cover shown with his tube attached.
(And Jax showing how to operate his pump)

Krista lovin' up the boys Monday night.


Laura said...

LMAO! I just love the middle pic of Jax operating the pump. The cammo goes well with his new buzz cut. Hee hee hee.... This is how we know the boys are awake in the morning or from their naps. We hear them turning the pump off and on. I'm so glad the covers are working so well. If we have more leaking I will definitely get a few of these.

Melissa said...

Those are cute covers, I wasn't even aware of those when Cassie had her feeding pump. We had the same pump Jax uses...I recognize it from the picture.

shawna said...

I love the pads. I ordered some from another seller and LOVE them just as much. As far as feeling like you let me down, you ABSOLUTELY did NOT!! By texting you that night, I felt your strength, even if you didn't get it. That was enough to get me through the night.

jennifer said...

could you send me a pic of those covers sorry not trying to steal your idea just want to know how to make them here in canada in honer of my son who passed aweay in Jannuary he was 11 and he had cerebal palsy and was g tube fed im on face book jennifer pearce im with my son my email is taffy 1_1@hotmail.com