Friday, May 21, 2010

They can hear - so it must be selective hearing then!

The boys had their hearing test at Children's Hospital today and they both passed the test with flying colors. So that can be checked off the list as a possible issue for their speech delay. The audiologist mentioned how great Jax looked for his extensive medical issues and said, "He doesn't look like what his records indicate". Yeah, we get that a lot.

Jax had his last PT session yesterday and the therapist thinks he's rather close to walking, but thinks his right side is still weak from his torticollis. His left foot also clubs outward when he's walking, which is another sign of his left side dominance. She said he'll need a wedge in his shoe at some point. We're working on exercises and lots of practice. Jax does pretty good going from the table to me on the couch with about 3 good steps, but it doesn't ever go beyond that little "game". We'll keep working on it.

Jax ended up getting pretty sick in the car on the way to the hearing test today, which was rather weird. He got fed a little more than 9oz over a 2.5hr period (during his nap) and then he got sick 40 minutes after that was all done. I just don't get it. This is so frustrating. He still has diarrhea which we don't understand either. Otherwise, the boys are some crazy little men who love running around and being boys!

Jax starring at the trees blowing in the breeze. He used to do this last summer laying on the foam mats while we were outside. He hasn't lost that charming quality. I always stop what I'm doing and watch for a minute with him... it's one of my favorite thoughts of him.
Brady was in LOVE with Nana and Bumpa's new puppy. 
Nana visited Wednesday afternoon and gave Jax a haircut.
The only shot I got of the of all of them with the puppy!
This is how I transport the boys around the neighborhood to play. They always try to buckle themselves in now! It will be nice when they actually can.
Fun on the trampoline (aka - big playpen) and this is Jax's new face. 
He figured out he has a tongue!
Jax finished his breakfast, so I took his backpack off. Brady was trying to put it on, so I helped him and he fell backwards with it on! Now I know how Jax feels and he wears it full of food!
The neighbors left some toys in the trampoline and I realized how Jax treats the dolls. He shakes them and then throws them. So very sweet of him.
The boys found the neighbor's Power Wheels and had fun pretending to drive!

My loves.
Jax's toothy grin!
The boys trying to figure out how to connect Jax to his pump.
What every mother likes to see. Her baby boy face-deep into a Victoria's Secret catalog.
Caught ya Brady!
**A big thanks to Sidney for the cute t-shirts!


Doubly Blessed said...

love Brady and the VS catalog!

Melissa said...

Love the photo with the Victoria Seceret Magazine - to funny! I was at Childrens Hospital Friday as well with Cassie.

Laura said...

Those pics crack. me. up!

Amy said...

Ack! LOVE the pics!