Saturday, May 8, 2010

Doing better

I wanted to quickly check in. Jax took all his feeds in 5 feeds today and didn't have any vomiting, gagging, heaving or retching (I never knew the difference between all of those symptoms until I met Jax). He did have diarrhea a few times, which made him pretty unhappy for a few diaper changes. Brady still has a little raspy cough, but you would never know he had any issues with the way he goes all day!
So hopefully today was a sign that Jax is on his way back to his miracle self.

Jax waiting to finish his last feed and get his IV removed to discharge from the hospital.
(Hopefully this is the last hospital picture forever!)
Yes, that's Brady climbing up the side of the stairs.
(Good thing there's a small angel behind him.)

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Melissa said...

Glad Jax is doing better. Happy Mothers Day!