Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Doing well

Jaxon is doing great. He hasn't vomited since Saturday and he's now taking all his food in three meals again. It has all shut back off again like we've all hoped. We are beyond thrilled that he's back to living without the awful vomiting. I brought him to the chiropractor yesterday and Jax was out of alignment in his lower back and neck. The chiropractor said she could see a slight tilt in Jax's head/neck again, which I've noticed he's sleeping crooked again. This "torticollis" that seems to creep back up on him comes around with the vomiting, and has been thought to be his issue with not walking (his right side is weak from the strained neck). So hopefully we'll be getting that back on track. He has a PT session next week since the therapist realized Jax had one more session left while we wait to see if insurance will cover anymore. 

The boys had speech therapy this morning and the therapist likes how much more comprehensive understanding Brady has. Brady really seems to understand a lot more lately, but the words just aren't there yet. Although he does love to say DADDY, DADA, YEAH and HI as loud as possible. Jax took a tumble today and when I gave Jax a hug to comfort him, Brady came running over and hugged the other side of my arm and starting patting my back... he can be SO sweet! Then Jax pushed him off me because Jax hasn't accepted that I'm a mommy to anyone else yet.
Jax doesn't quite have as much comprehension, but we swear he says BUBBLES and BACKPACK sometimes when he hears it said. Jax showed a lot of resistance during the feeding practice, and ended up gagging pretty bad at the end, so we have a lot of steps to cover again.
I received some paperwork from the alternative doctor's office requesting a few more tests be ordered and done for Jax. They're all blood work, so I'm going to wait a little while to give him a break from needles, and to also save up for the costs. The tests will let us know where his levels are and if it's safe to start pulling back any of the supplements he's on. It will be so interesting to compare his test results from last June to this June and see how things have changed in the past year with numbers since it's so evident in his overall health.


Jessarella said...

HALLELUJAH!!!So happy to hear this great news.

Laura said...

Best. News. All. Week!

BTW, I spent some time chatting with the Dir. of Peds Psychology for the feeding program today. He's the guy who's Evan's primary therapist. He said that their goal is to get past the severe defenses the boys have about food and their swatting hands to get a small amount of food in their mouths that will make them gag. Apparently that is the controlled opportunity to teach them that they are okay, that they can manage the food, that they need to learn to lateralize with their tongue, and then swallow. But it's so hard to watch. ((HUGS)) He's going to get there. I know it.

Deanna said...

Great news! Sounds like a good week for both boys! : )

Jenn said...

Great news...it must be so hard to juggle all the appointments!