Thursday, May 13, 2010

Fever and possible steps

Brady had a fever (101.4) today. I wish I would've taken his temperature yesterday when I "thought" he felt warm, but disregarded it (why? I don't know). He's been doing this weird gagging thing, so I'm going to bring him to the pediatrician tomorrow to get checked out. Maybe his ear infection never healed? I have no idea. He's had disrupted sleep now for 2-3 days as well, which isn't like him.

Jax did really well today until bedtime. He kept his food down and was super playful all day. He finished his food and crawled up the stairs where he had a tickle fight with Jason and was laughing hysterically. Then I tried to brush his teeth and he refused to let me in. I saw his "sick face" and grabbed a towel just in time to get vomited on. This was his second day of not napping and puking, so I'll be taking him in tomorrow as well. Jax is supposed to have a follow-up with the doctor anyway since being released from the hospital.

Some good news - Jax was participating and actually attempting steps today with me. Usually when I challenge him to walk to me from holding the table, he always gets down to crawl or ignores me. Today he actually tried it repeatedly and I saw a few tiny independent steps! He's nowhere near actually walking, but he actually TRIED, so I was thrilled with him today! We did a lot of celebrating songs each time and he was understanding the praise was for trying to walk. So we'll see how his progress goes with this!


Laura said...

Yaaaay Jax! Walk baby walk!

Poor Brady, he must feel like crap. (Do you ever wonder if he's going to learn how to do behavioral vomiting to get some attention? I see E watching C try to do it sometimes and he's come close but never figured out how to MAKE it happen like C can.)

Lindsi said...

Yay Jax!!!! You can do it sweetie! We are cheering you on from Minnesota.
Im sorry to hear that Brady isn't feeling well. Poor thing.


Jenn said...

Hugs for you all. How exhausted mentally you must be right now...thinking of you lots! Glad you had something to celebrate today!

Anonymous said...

I hope both of the boys start to feel better. And a big YAY for Jax for his walking, that is great!