Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Fightin' the good fight

Brady sweeping up last weekend

Jax getting ready for a walk around the floor of the hospital.

Annoyed that I'm taking your picture Jax?

Watching cartoons with mommy on her "bed".

Jaxon has had a roller coaster today. He would be happy and cuddly and then crying and upset. He kept down his first two meals which were only half meals, but threw up his third meal, which was a full feed. So we'll see what the doctors plan to do tomorrow. I think they plan on giving him Zofran and seeing if he just needs the help through the virus. His main GI doctor visited today and we realized together that it's been one year ago this month since his last hospitalization and the doctor called it "astonishing", so that was nice to hear I guess. He truly believes this is a result of his system stressed out from the virus. All his tests including the xray looked good.

I'm trying to find creative ways to keep Jax entertained, and so far we've colored, stacked blocks, read books, watched cartoons, took walks around the floor in a wagon or toddler car (while I push with the medical pole), sing songs and find new toys from the play room. It's so much harder to keep him happy here compared to when he was an infant! He's terrified of medical personal touching him now from all the needles in the past 24 hrs, so there's a lot of meltdowns happening. He pulled his IV cord apart and also had to have the base repaired as well, so that's a lot of fun... oh, did I mention he peed on me? It's either that or vomit right? I have to laugh at that (and send Jason home with laundry).
So for now we're hanging in there and keeping up the faith this will get better and that we can get some rest tonight.


Candice said...

My thoughts and prayers are with you and Jax - hope he feels better soon! Does he like Play Dough or stickers? I can only imagine how hard it is to entertain him. Keep up that hope! You will all get through this.

Melissa said...

I SO know what you mean about keeping the kiddo happy at the hospital. Seeing your pics of Jax there brings back the memories and sleeping on that wonderful bed. :o) Cassie is the same way with medical people as well. Too many doctors in Jax and Cassies life...we can't blame them for having their meltdowns. Thinking of you guys and hoping you can get discharged soon.

Laura said...

The nurse and I have worked out a tag team system everyday in feeding clinic for weigh-ins. She puts her street clothes on, we have a tv going in her office or we do the weigh-in right in the middle of whatever activity the boys are doing other than feeding. So if they are in the playroom with their friends we strip them down and weigh. If they are in PT sessions we do it then. She's fast and is almost able to do it without help. The boys are starting to get that they have to stand still on the scale. But if any of the docs or other nurses look they will touch the boys it's melt down city. What makes me feel "better" or maybe more accepting of this is that literally ALL the kids in the program and throughout the hospital do this. No one takes it personally.

Hang in there.