Sunday, May 9, 2010

Happy Mother's Day

We had a nice day with the boys today. It was beautiful, yet chilly outside, so we put on our sweatshirts and made an afternoon of it. The boys have an absolute blast outside, so it can be hard to get them in! Jax is doing much better with taking his food again. He doesn't seem to be uncomfortable with volume anymore, so that's a sigh of relief. We'll continue to work him back to where he was.

Enjoy some pictures:

Jax having fun pushing his lion around all the yards.
Me with my babies.
Big B running in for a hug!

Jason decided to play barber on Brady's hair.
Can you see how happy I am with this haircut?
(I'm making Jason wait to cut Jax's hair until he buys 
the correct extension for the clipper this week!)


Melissa said...

HaHa!! I love the look on your face and the way your looking at Bradys hair cut...I mean..what hair? :o) Still cute as a button!

Melissa said...

Looks like they had a blast playing outside today. I love the last picture of you and Brady, for sure a keeper! The look on your face, the lack of hair, just the whole thing in general is pure greatness! Happy Mother's Day Annie!

Jennifer said...

Happy Mothers Day! The picture of you and Brady is priceless! Nothing could make Brady any less cute! Not even a buzz cut - he's just adorable!!

Anonymous said...

The look on your face is priceless! Hopefully his hair grows back quickly!

Nicki11802 said...

Oh man wheres his hair!? Hes still adorable!

Rebecca Meece said...

Hi! Your boys are adorable! I found your blog while trying to do some g-tube research for my daughter. I am wondering if I could have your email to ask you some questions about Jaxon's tube and about your experience. My name is Rebecca and my email is Thanks!