Tuesday, May 18, 2010

It continues

It was nice to have some great weather to get out into. The boys just love being outside, and our neighbors have a big screened-in trampoline that I love to get into with the boys because it CONTAINS them! It's fabulous. We took the boys on a long walk to Copps tonight for some grilled cheese sandwiches and some custard tasting for Jax.
Jaxon had two vomits today. His morning and his night feed made him very nauseous when he was finished with them. He held everything down yesterday, so this is confusing. I'm going to give him his alternative feed schedule tomorrow of every other hour all day long to see if that helps. I think we need to get moving on his next round of blood work for the alternative doctor to re-check a lot of his levels. Although, the GI docs really think his body is just stressed from the virus. I don't know. I'd like for this to go away for him now.
Brady continues to do a fake "gag" for sure when he sees Jax puke. It's the strangest thing. His understanding of things is just taking off like crazy. Jax has been doing decent with practicing his walking. He likes to do the practice rounds, but doesn't seem to have any interest in venturing out on his own to actually try it. It won't help with days like tomorrow when he has the backpack on so much, but we'll practice as much as we can!


Heather said...

It must be so frustrating to see a day of no vomit and then it happens again. I'm so sorry. Still praying it ends just as suddenly as it started. OMG... and I would love to see a pic of you and all the boys on that trampoline!tr

Lulu said...

Ugh, I'm so sorry to hear about Jax, it makes my heart break. I can't imagine how frustrating that must be for you.
For the first 12 months of Bria's life she had bad acid reflux and threw up a dozen times a day. When I was at my wits end and crying, feeling sorry for myself, I would remember little Jax and instead of saying a prayer for me I said one for you guys. I'm glad he has gotten better but I know it's hard that he's started up again. I pray it goes away and stays away!

Laura said...

We are still having lots of puke here too. I'm so at a loss to understand this. Six weeks ago the boys had a period of three weeks without vomit and tolerating three boluses a day at 170mls, then BAM! Puke every bolus, in their sleep. Now they're barely tolerating a bolus of 150mls even now that they are back on erythromayacin. *sigh* Is Jax back on prevacid again? Couldn't hurt to add it back in if he's not.