Saturday, May 15, 2010

Just a virus... again!

We brought the boys to the pediatrician yesterday. Brady's fever had stopped and his ears and throat looked great. The doctor said it must be a virus that he picked up, but it seemed to be a quick one. Those are the ones we've been used to all winter and they haven't been bothersome to the boys badly.
Jax didn't vomit yesterday, but he did today. About 10 minutes after he finished his morning feed, so that means he got a lot digested at least (since the pump ran 10oz over 2 hours prior to it). The doctor thinks Jax is still dealing with the lingering effects of the virus, or maybe he picked up what Brady had since he did stop vomiting for four days. I'm hoping he is responding to the other virus and this goes away as well. It's odd that he has one random vomit without any pattern. It could be any of the meals, for any random reason. He acts totally fine other than the vomiting - which of course would break your heart to see. You can tell he feels so sick and then he'll finally get sick and be totally out of control upset and scared. Brady did his gagging thing during the whole process this morning, so we're starting to think he's trying to copy Jax. The doctor was happy to see the boys so active and said they looked great. They only have a 4oz difference in weight, Jason said they'll never break 22lbs!

OH! Here's some great news for you all... Brady pooped in the bathtub Friday night. It's our first experience with this so far! Jax was all cleaned and out of the tube (lucky duck) and Brady just let it go while standing by the edge. Let's just say I found out that Jason is NOT okay with cleaning up his own son's poo unless it's in a diaper. It was pretty funny.

Today (Saturday) we went to the farmer's market in town to walk the boys around in the fresh air. Things were going great until Jason bought them a bubble wand (coolest $3 ever by the way), well the boys fought over it in their wagon and a complete out-of-control meltdown happened. Yup, we left to go home for lunch and naps immediately, but we had to "parade" our screaming twins through the entire market to get back to the truck. All the people were smiling and giving us understanding looks, but we were a bit mortified. This age is SO hard! The kids have no way to express their feelings and don't understand a lot of words or discipline very much, so it's can be challenging for a bit yet! All we can do is remove them for now!

Jason playing with the new bubble wand with the boys after their naps.
Brady being totally silly.

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Melissa said...

I am SO glad to hear another Mom say how hard this age is. I am with you girl! Cassie has been so sassy and temper tantrums galore. I have my hands full as you do (but you have double trouble) Like you said, its hard because they really can't talk much yet, get frustrated so they cry,whine and scream. Just have to keep telling ourselves....patience. :o)