Monday, May 31, 2010

Memorial Day Weekend

Memorial Day weekend came with lots of sun and outdoor events. We went to the state fair grounds to see Uncle Joe's horses for a horse show on Friday evening. The boys got to see a lot of "nay-nays" (not that I could get them to say it!) and they even got to go on one for a minute. We took the boys to a flower nursery on Saturday morning and they loved it. It was the best behaved in a "store"they've been in forever. Jax got sick while we were there, but we were able to get him away from any shoppers so he could do his business - thankfully, we were outside. Jay and I were able to work on the yard during their nap and get their sandbox put up. The boys had fun in the yard for the rest of the evening. 
We took a drive to Manitowoc on Sunday to see Great Grandpa K and attend a graduation party for cousin Carley. The boys had a blast at the party, and again, we were able to get Jax away from everyone and outside when he got sick. It was super hot outside, but that just does not slow these boys down. They were well behaved, but of course a hand full. Gotta love being around family members though, because they love to jump in and play with the boys!
We took the boys to a Memorial Day parade here in town on Monday morning and Shannon met up with us. The parade was pretty cute and the boy's first! Neither of the boys liked all the fire trucks that went through first, which were loud and scared them, but Brady LOVED all the clapping and waving. Jax was not into it and was a bit scared of all the stimulation. He was pretty cranky and then he got sick and was pretty happy after that. About 45 minutes into the parade he suddenly decided he loved the parade too, and went down on the curb with Shannon and waved his flag with all the kids.
So you can probably tell by the weekend's events that Jax is still getting sick each day. He actually got sick twice today. I'm not sure what to think or do about it since I actually stop his food before it's done and he still gets sick... I'm just not sure. He has some kind of blood blister on the bottom part of his stoma (hole where the tube sits in) which is bleeding, so I'll be contacting the GI nurse tomorrow to see if I can get Jax in anytime soon.
Jax was on his feet all weekend pushing his walker, and stood independently a few times without realizing it, but when Jay and I tried to work with him this evening, he just couldn't pull it together to really take any steps between us. He acted like his legs were jello, and he couldn't get a solid stance for some reason. We'll try again tomorrow and see if he's still acting the same way.
Brady is quite the firecracker. That kid sure does love to smile like a beaver (that's what we call the face he always makes now) and just laugh and run. He is just the happiest kid in the world... as long as you don't make him go inside!
Well, back to reality tomorrow. It was a great long weekend for the family, but I think Jason is REALLY ready to go back to work ;)

The boys watching Uncle Joe working out a horse.
Jaxon's first reaction to being on a horse!
He warmed up to the idea quickly though...
Brady rode the horse like a big boy!
(Excuse the blurry photo, I had Jax in my arms.)
The boys enjoying an early birthday gift from Nana Jayne.
A sandbox and picnic table in one - love it!
Popular scene of the day at the grad party... the boys running down the driveway 
and someone chasing after them.
Nana Letts cruising with Uncle Steve on a Harley.
Jax with his 2nd cousin Carley at her grad party.
The boys riding a deer at the grad party
Brady loved clapping and yelling YAY during the parade.
~Shannon and I with the boys~
Jason likes the sandbox too :)


Heather said...

Jax simply melts my heart with that smile of his. He is lucky I don't see him IRL, or he would have me wrapped around his little finger.

I'm sorry the episodes continue. I continue to hope and pray.

The pictures of the boys on the horse and also with you and Shannon are great.

Alicea said...

That is an awesome sandbox, love it!

Scullyhoyy said...

OMG When did they get so big! Love the arm hat, too cute!

Jennifer said...

Your little babies are growing into such cute little men. I love the sandbox - that looks awesome!

Laura said...

Hey, had a thought? Would your handy dandy special program that covers the cost of services and medical stuff (you know the one you have that I can only wish we had here in Maryland?) cover the cost of horseback riding therapy for Jax?? My older SIL loans her horse out to a therapy program three days a week for kids and adults who need physical, speech and OT therapies and this might be a really fun activity for the boys to participate in. I'm sure there is some place near you that does something like this, just not sure on their age ranges. Just a thought.