Monday, May 24, 2010

Playgrounds rule

We had a nice quiet weekend. Jax is doing pretty good, but he will still randomly vomit, and it seems like a "reflux attack" or something because it's after he eats and it will projectile out of his mouth and nose. He gets VERY upset and it can be hard to settle him down with the convulsing that he does. 
We took the boys to the elementary school near us to go on their super cool equipment (and some great hand sanitizer that keeps bacteria OFF your hands for hours). They have an area for smaller kids with a ramp for wheelchairs to access everything. That was perfect for Jax to use with his toy-walker. We now bring that everywhere with us to encourage Jax to push that and walk rather than crawl or be carried. We're still working on the walking of course. I think it will be a slow and steady progression. All I look at now is his left foot clubbing outward. A friend of mine with little girl twins is sending me pictures of how she wrapped her daughter's foot/leg to help, so I'm going to try that. Her little girl actually had some of the same issues as Jax. She was a preemie with a NEC infection in the NICU causing her to lose a lot of her intestines. She survived and was on TPN and then a G-tube for awhile, but has fought to be a normal little toddler. She had a weak side and a turned foot, so I'll be trying anything to have Jax follow in her foot steps (like my pun?). I love those inspirations!

So the weather went from kind of cold to really hot overnight. I took the boys outside earlier in the morning and then later after Jason was home. Heat made Jax pretty sick last summer, so I'm going to try and avoid long exposures to 85+ degree weather with him for awhile. But they love being out there (and so do I) so much that we have to find a nice balance. I want to get a large kiddie pool and a sand box (with a cover) for some things to do on the patio. I'm not comfortable taking them to the public kiddie pool by myself until next year when they're both independently mobile, and most importantly, able to communicate better. So a pool on the patio it will need to be! They'll love it... any suggestions out there?

Jax being a power house with his walking toy at the elementary school.
(Notice his left club foot)

Brady LOVED the equipment.
Brady's first slide!
Jaxon's first slide!
He wasn't too eager to go down...

Our new baby deer! This is around our corner.
Brady just can't get enough of that magazine.
(Jax shredded it finally, so no more VS for Brady for awhile)
More trampoline fun.
Brady still loves the neighbor's power wheels.
It's hard to see here, but with Jax sticking out his tongue all the time now, he has "drool" for the first time EVER in his life.


Heather said...

#1 Hunk? He sure is!

And did I mention that those VS pictures kill me?

Laura said...

The boys are starting to look really chunky! LOVE IT! And I have my money on Jax walking like a champ by the end of the month.

Jenn said...

I see the drool on the chin! :) I love the one of Jax holding on to the slide for dear life as he went down...too cute!

Are you sure Jax has a true club foot? My cousin has a club foot (I am sure it is varying types and degrees) but they caught her's really early and it was so much smaller than her other foot. Also, I ask because one of Cole's feet turns out a lot when he walks but I assumed it was just the same as how they start out bow-legged and get better. Hmm.....

Annie and Jason said...

Jenn - no, not a true "club foot". I used the word as a description to how he turns his foot out.