Thursday, May 20, 2010

Sad news

One of my MoM friends lost her little boy tonight. He passed away unexpectantly at only 20 months of age. Little JW has the hearts of so many people. My heart aches for Tiffany and her family, please keep them in your thoughts and prayers. She has supported me through many of Jaxon's dark days, so please pray for them to find the strength to get through this unbelievable time. This is quite the reminder to hug your children and be thankful. (

** I'm sorry I didn't update sooner. To answer many of you, I've kept Jax's pump rate down very low and have been feeding him over 2.5hrs 3x/day. He's kept everything down in the past 48hrs so far.


Anonymous said...

I'm friends with Tiffany on Facebook and followed JW's progress when he had stays in the hospital. This is just so sad, and I'm heartbroken for her.

NormalOnesLeft said...

Oh Annie, the post on her blog is just so sad. They are in my prayers.