Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Set back

Jaxon got sick this morning and vomited up his morning feed. I could see he started to not feel well, so I turned off his pump and ran to get a flush and a towel. By the time I got back to him, he was vomiting all over himself and the floor and his toys. He was SO upset. I just threw towels over his puke (so Brady wouldn't put his hands in it) and held him. Brady then started doing a gagging type of cough and would hug the other side of me. I think he was trying to pretend puke to get some cuddles. I'm not sure, but it was new and kinda weird.
I gave Jax some Zofran to help calm his belly and soon enough he was just fine. He was actually a giggly crazy man. He didn't take a nap and was pretty wild until bedtime. I'm hoping this was a random incident and not a sign of continued sickness again.
Otherwise the day was full of reading about farm and zoo animals, building block towers, blowing bubbles and singing.

Brady put on Jason's hat and screamed DADDY!
Brady was making pretend food and saying "mmmm" when tasting the invisible eggs.
Jax shoved him out of the way and microwaved Brady's cooking supplies.

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Laura said...

Poor Brady. I'm sure he's starting to associate the vomiting with the attention Jax gets and he's probably still remembering that you went away with Jax for a while and is getting over missing you. Extra hugs for the boys.