Sunday, May 2, 2010

Still working on recovery

I'm very interested to see how the boys are tomorrow. As of today, Brady still has a pretty nasty cough and Jax is still vomiting. He vomited up his breakfast and dinner on Saturday, and his lunch today. I called the pediatrician on call today to discuss if Jax should be brought into the ER because I had a sudden panic that this kid has puked for 12 days now and is wasting away. But he's not dehydrated (at least not too bad) so an ER would only rehydrate him and give him something like Zofran until he can be seen by his doctor. So I agreed to keep him going another night at home and contact our doctor tomorrow. So far, Jax has held down his dinner (which is only 4oz of formula), so maybe he only had 1 episode today and he truly is "getting better".
We really need this vomiting to shut off before he becomes "failure to thrive" and they discuss bypassing his stomach again. He's lost about 2lbs and it's not getting any better with the amount of calories he's keeping down in a day. He can't survive off Pedialyte forever, so please keep him in your thoughts.


Melissa said...

Hopefully the new week will bring a new start in your home. Poor kiddos and poor mama for. You are all in my toughts.

Jenn said...

I am so sorry. I know how excited you were for his progress and getting into the feeding program and to have this seem to hang in forever must be so devastating. You all are in my prayers.

BreS said...

Lurker here - Always pryaing for your little brave boys! Our boys are a couple weeks apart in age.

My son need a g-tube and we recently took it out (yay!) since we have no use for the spare mic-key button and parts I'd love to mail them to you. The package is unopened and sterile if you would like it. I know you mentioned Jax was going through them faster than what insurance would cover. Email me if you are interested!!

Good luck getting over this yucky cold!

Laura said...

Hang in there, hopefully today was a better day and tomorrow he will be right as rain. I'm so sorry. ((HUGS))