Sunday, May 16, 2010


The boys have remained the same since Saturday. Jax will go a day without vomiting and then do it the next, it's weird. I'm of course hoping it all shuts off again at some point. He had diarrhea four times today, but he's acting totally normal in every way. Brady has some yucky diapers, so something is still junking them up I think.
I took the boys to watch Jason play softball Sunday after their nap. Yeah, that is not a lot of fun with these guys now to be honest. I brought them in their wagon with snacks and toys and of course all they wanted to do was get out and take off. So I spent the whole game trying to entertain them enough to stop trying to escape their seat restraints and also chasing all their toys that they kept throwing everywhere. Brady loved screaming YAY and clapping when everyone else did, but the cuteness stopped there! The boys have just been on a rampage lately. The lady sitting next to me had teenage twins and told me things get easier around the age of 3, oh geeze, that's so far away! I believe one lady witnessing the craziness said "wow, talk about wanting birth control".
Yeah, thanks.
They're not "bad", they're just toddlers who want to explore, and when you don't let them, they only know how to share their displeasure with screaming and throwing themselves. It's so neat when there's two! They're lucky they're cute!

They can open all sorts of containers by themselves now. 

Jason has created a monster. 
Brady is obsessed with mowing the lawn with him, it's pretty cute.


Jenn said...

Yeah it seems once you start something like that it is impossible to stop. Cole thinks I should mow the lawn every day because he likes to mow with his little mower with

NormalOnesLeft said...

Oh yeah, it's definitely in their favor that they're cute. I've witnessed the "neat" behavior. It's no fun. Good luck buddy. It's going to be a LONG year!

Molly said...

I can't believe someone uttered that out loud. Such a rude person! They're adorable right now, by the way. I love seeing the pictures of them. And I really admire your courage in taking them out to events like that- my single one year old is enough of a daunting handful for me to think twice about taking her out!