Thursday, May 6, 2010


Jax pretty good today. He tried throwing up a few times, but kept it all down doing the 6 smaller feeds through the day. He did end up throwing up at the end of the day randomly though. We waited for the GI team to come check him out and discharge him home with the instructions to give him Zofran for comfort for a few days and continue smaller feeds. If he continued to vomit this way, we were going to have to start doing a slow drip thru the night and a few small feeds during the day. That would break my heart since we worked so hard to get him to 3 "meals" during the day and nothing overnight so we could start the feeding clinic.

The GI team got to us around 6pm and decided that Jax's leaky tube needed replacing again to a smaller button (16f 1.5cm). The doctor suddenly got a funny look on his face and had me repeat all the symptoms again from the past two weeks. He left the room for 15 minutes and came back asking if we could stay another day for a test. He is wondering if Jax's tube site has lost it's "seal" and the balloon of his tube could be touching his pylorus with it being so weak. This could be a reason for his sudden vomiting! He said that when tube sites are old, the tubing migrates south and this can happen, and it wouldn't have shown up on the Xray on Tuesday. So we'll be doing a barium study tomorrow to see if this is the issue. And if it is, he'll get a low profile button instead. He said the fact that Jax's stoma site is suddenly leaking so bad and vomiting suddenly came back slowly over the past two weeks and seems to be sensitive to volume, this could really be the reason. I hope with everything that he's right!

Jax going on a ride 50 times around the floor.

He doesn't like getting his hair washed like he used to!

The boys watching cartoons while I get a much needed shower.


Melinda said...

I hope you get some good answers tomorrow after the test. I still have you, Jax, and your family in my thoughts and prayers.

Jenn said...

Prayer said for Jax!

Krista said...

Crossing my fingers... His coloring looks much better Annie.