Wednesday, May 5, 2010


Down by the fish tank.
Going for a walk.

Jax "cleaning" his medical pole.

Jax was able to get some sleep after a nasty meltdown at 1am when the nurses came in to take his vitals. I was crying and Jax was screaming. Needless to say, the nurses left us alone to sleep. They came in to check his IV line through the night and that was it.

Jax didn't keep his morning feed down, so now he's getting 6 small meals through the day with Zofran as needed. His antibiotic is done now, so I'm hoping that will help his belly as well. If he does well tonight and tomorrow morning, we may be going home later in the afternoon tomorrow. The thought is that the virus has made his system too sensitive to volume in his stomach for awhile. We'll see how these next few days go to see I guess!


Melissa said...

I hated when the nurses would come in and check the vitals as well...let the kid sleep! I know somethings need to be done but its horrible when their woken up out of a deep sleep for vitals. We did tell the nurses at one point to just let Cass sleep. Hope things go well and your discharged tomorrow.

Becky said...

I've never commented on your blog before. I've been following your boys for a long time. My son Evan has had some things very similar to Jax, not all, but enough. Last april he was admitted for FTT and one of the things that was tried to help his stomach was a period of "gut rest", well we had a heck of a time getting his volume back up. anything over 10ml every 2 hours = puke. The docs seriously didn't think we were going to get him off of TPN. Eventually I suggested trying 2oz, I felt that 10ml wasn't enough for his stomach to realize there was something there to digest and get moving. It worked. we were able to gradually start increasing the 5-10ml every so often.

I also wanted to ask if you've considered starting up the motility supplement again from your holistic doc, and offer our left over mickey button kits. I have a 16fr 1.7cm kit if you need it. I also have a sealed 1.4cm 14 fr (i think, it may be 1.7 too, I'll have to check), but the 14fr is expired, what an expired mickey button would do for harm, I don't know, but we don't need either of them anymore as we were able to pull Evan's g-tube this march.

Email me if you'd like them

Good luck and God bless