Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Giggly little guys

The boys tore apart the living room and then sat up on the coffee table (which was moved to the end of the room). I did a photo shoot with them and they were GIGGLING their heads off!

Jax found a sock and insisted I put it on his foot. It stayed on like this all day!

Chewing on fingers...
Ahhh yes, Brady at his finest with the double-nose pick!
Quick update: The boys have been pretty good. Jax didn't get sick at all yesterday, but he did this morning. He never goes more than a day without getting sick, but at least he does get a day break once in awhile!


Heather said...

Love these pictures! So stinking cute. Glad he (and you) get some break from the vomiting, but I am still praying for a much longer break.

Anonymous said...

Silly boys! They are so cute!

Melissa said...

I just want to squeeze them, they are so cute, I love those smiles.