Saturday, June 19, 2010

Lots of visitors!

The boys have been having a fun week. Nana and Bumpa came to visit on Wednesday and Marley and Angie came to visit on Friday. Their cousin Marley shares a birthday with the boys in the same week, so birthday parties don't always line up to visit so we had a little celebration between the kids. The boys are spoiled with visitors coming up as well. Nana Letts is coming today, Uncle Adam with Marley on Wednesday and then a sleep over at Auntie Rachel's next weekend while we go to a wedding in Door County. Summer is so much more fun than winter for us!

Jax has been doing pretty decent with his vomiting. He didn't vomit Wednesday or Thursday, and had a very small undramatic one on Friday. I'm wondering if the new probiotic (Coco Biotic) is helping him. I started giving him 2 tbsp a day since Monday and he was very upset on Tuesday and Wednesday with diarrhea. The woman I spoke to about the product said that the first few uses can cause an upset tummy/diarrhea because it's really cleaning out your system so to just pull back the amount until the system acclimates to it. So on Friday morning I only gave him 1 tbsp, and he had that one small vomit. I wonder if any of that is connected? So today I gave him 2 tbsp and I want to see if the vomiting stops again. We'll see!

**Update: Jax had a nasty episode this morning but he gaged on his fingers to trigger it. Let's hope for no more this weekend!

Nana and Bumpa playing outside with the boys.
Jax having batting practice.
Brady in his cool shades!
Marley and the boys with birthday presents!
Look at the cool Yo Gabba Gabba cake!
(9 candles for Marley's golden birthday!)
Reason #15 why we didn't refinish the kitchen floors once we found out I was pregnant...
~The boys got into their sidewalk chalk~


Anonymous said...

Hahaha, love the sidewalk chalk pics. :) I can't believe they're almost 2!

Mandie said...

OH NO!!!!! The sidewalk chalk!!! Ouch! I hope it at least cleaned up easily and that it looked a lot worse than it was. Yowza! They are getting SO big and SO funny, Annie!!