Sunday, June 27, 2010

Weekend update

We're all home and had eventful weekends. Jay and I had a good time in Door County for a family wedding (Congrats Amber and Josh!), and the boys stayed at Rachel's for a sleep over. Well Jax was really sick and even had his tube come out. Poor Rachel and Dennis! They are troopers and forged through the weekend ensuring me repeatedly that everything was fine.
When we picked up the boys I reviewed Rachel's notes about Jax and realized that something wasn't adding up with how long he was on the pump, and how much he puked and how much food was still left over. When we got home I realized he had very little formula left (and I had packed double the amount he needed as a "just in case") and then it dawned on me... I wrote down his recipe wrong.... MOTHER OF THE YEAR! He was getting double the amount of powder in each feeding (I wrote 1cup instead of 1/2cup).
I called Rachel immediately and we were both so happy and relieved to think we had found a reason for the extreme sickness he had. So we'll see how he does tonight and tomorrow, and hope he comes back down to his normal 1-2 vomits a day. With the rate he was going this weekend, he would've ended up hospitalized by the end of this week, so I was rather upset for awhile before I realized my HUGE mistake (I'm really upset with myself).


Christina said...

Don't let yourself feel bad it was an honest mistake, and i myslef can attest to making mistakes, I wrote K's meds down wrong once, her keppra aka the most improitant med I mis wrote giving respite the time of there lives for 24 hours. It happens and I too felt so guilty, managing special needs kids and mulitples much harder than managing a single child or the singletons that came before the twins, that from a Mom who could handle all the Mommy stuff before, I am now just trying to function daily.

Melissa said...

Oh no!!! Well...we mommys are allowed to make some mistakes!

Had to be a crazy weekend for your friends! To have his tube come out on top of it!!

Laura said...

It's okay, maybe he'll get a little growth spurt out of the extra calories! Poor Mommy, poor Jax and your poor friends. I'm so glad you have an awesome support system there to let you take a little time for yourselves. Jax will be okay.

Jenn said...

I would be just as upset as you but we do have to remember that we all make mistakes and do the best we can...I am sure you went over the list 100 times and still didn't catch the error...glad all is well though.