Thursday, July 29, 2010

Chocolate milk is good

We've had a pretty normal week, other than Jason gone for work for a few days. I can tell the boys miss him because they kept saying "dada" when Mr. Nick was here for speech today. Mr. Nick asked if Jason was gone and when I said he was, he laughed and said that it's typical behavior of toddlers repeat the name like that.
I took the boys to visit Teeta (Krista) yesterday and we realized that Jax LOVES her piano. He sat at it and played on the keys for about 30 minutes! Brady was not interested at all, but he did enjoy pulling her rolling cooler around the entire house.
Today Jax tried chocolate milk and did pretty good with it. I gave the leftovers to Brady and a lightbulb went off over his head for a love of chocolate. Shocking...
We'll be getting some smoothies this weekend to try and work on Jax's liquid textures. He's doing well with getting his pump rate up, so that's good news!


Jenn said...

So glad all is "normal" for a bit and Jax is making progress again. Cole LOVES all things music so maybe Jax is gonna be that way. We bought Cole a child size guitar which he loves! Cole loves Stonyfield YoBaby smoothies. Yay for Jax moving up with feeding!

Kim M. said...

What is it with Bradys and pushing rolling coolers?!? My Brady does this as well.

(from thebump)