Monday, July 26, 2010

Fun and busy weekend!

The boys have had a great summer these past weeks. They were able to go up to Green Bay to see some of my family at a wedding reception at the New Zoo. And now this past weekend we went to Jay's hometown for his yearly softball tournament. The boys got to go to Layla's 2nd birthday party and see their cousins as well. It's so great to see them run around and be with other kids.
Brady has  been running around like a crazy cat and his "toddle" days of walking as a toddler are just about gone... he's turning into a little boy quickly. Jax is walking more and more every day and he's babbling up a storm now. His vomiting seems to have disappeared again and it took almost exactly 3 months. He's been doing fantastic and even tolerating a pump rate increase along with calories. It's so great! I'll be bringing him into the GI doctor on Monday for a follow up and to talk about his diarrhea. His stool tests came back normal (of course!) so we'll see what they say. Jax will be seeing the psychologist for a feeding practice immediately following the GI doctor. I'm excited to tell her that Jax is doing well medically with his "homework" of eating faster and tolerating it.

Jax practicing with milk and a straw. He takes a few sips.
Brady with Great Grandpa K
Jason with the boys at the Manitowoc zoo. 
Jason looks like a Ken doll standing there with his arms like that!
The boys were obsessed with the toy cars and Scott's garage at Layla's birthday party!
Boys will be boys...
Auntie Sidney and Jax looking through the goodie bag!
Layla with Mom and Dad during cake time!
Nana Letts getting Jax to jog
The kids all played outside Sunday morning and had a blast!
We moved them to the backyard since the little ones like to run down the driveway!

Jax was doing pretty good in the grass. This grass seemed a bit softer than ours :)
Getting all 4 kids to look is near impossible!
Jax loved petting Aidan's hair, just like what he does to Jason's hair!

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