Friday, July 2, 2010

Quick check in

Things have remained the same for Jax and his vomiting. We started him on Domperidone on Wednesday night and haven't seen a change, but after a little research I realized the drug needs to be given 30 minutes before food, so we started that last night and so far this morning he had a pretty nasty vomiting episode. I'm not sure how long we wait to see if this motility drug helps him, but so far it definitely has not. We'll see how he does over the weekend.

We took the boys on a little park-tour last night after Jason got home from work. The boys just LOVE parks, and I'm trying to build up my confidence to bring them alone during the day. I wouldn't care to "deal" with both boys, but since Jax can't walk and is on his backpack half the day, it makes it a little harder. He will crawl so fast while on the equipment or walk along things, that you have to be right behind him so he doesn't fall off! Now especially with how daring Brady is too! That kid will try climbing up anything and run across things while being super clumsy at the same time, so he requires full attention. He also loves strangers and putting things off the ground in his mouth, so turning my back for a moment can be interesting! I think I'll try it next week and see how it goes, I know I can do it, I'll just need to drink a big coffee before hand to be on my toes! I will say there is some sweet little magic about watching these two boys just be "boys" and play on a playground, it kinda makes the vomiting memory from the morning go away for a little while.
We found a neat park nearby that has a beach and trails. That will be fun for us on weekends, and I think a change of scenery for walks for the boys and I during the week~

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Melissa said...

what park did you find near you guys? We are always looking for new parks in the area as well.